About Us

AI Studio

AI Studio has one singular goal: the elimination of bullshit work.

It's a waste of human life and spirit to spend time doing repetative jobs that computers can do with ease. That's why we combine all of the latest and greatest Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools together, so you can build powerful and intelligent AI systems to work for you, so you can spend more of your time doing what really matters - the things robots can't do.

We're building tools and templates to do all of your tedious work for you - doing web research, writing reports and marketing copy, analyzing data, transcription, translation, recording voices, filling PDFs, making spreadsheets, and really anything you hate doing.

Right now, you can use our web-based graph-and-node based editor to build and share your systems, our command-line tools to execute and deploy your systems to production, and now we're working on a desktop-based application so you can run the most advanced AI models on your data without needing to upload it to the cloud.

Do you have some work you need eliminated? Get in touch and let us build a solution for you: hi@aistud.io

AI Studio is based in the Bryggen in Bergen, Norway.